Project for chondrocyte implantation

Project for chondrocyte implantation  


The Introduction of chondrocyte transplantation in Hungary GVOP - 3.1.1 - 2004 – 05 – 0219/3.0The most widespread, disabling group of diseases is the group of the musculoskeletal degenerative diseases. Among many others, the degenerative changes affecting the articular cartilage is the most common of all. The interruption and the reversal  of these degenerative diseases are not well established at the present. Using a novel biotechnological approach we can gain chondrocytes from the patient, culture them in tissue culture laboratory and implant them back into the damaged cartilage surface. As these cells have the ability to produce the intercellular matrix of the cartilage, almost perfect articular cartilage will be found  on the original site of cartilage injury resembling the original mechanical and biological characteristics.The four main goals of this project are as follows: (a) to establish and further develop the technique of autologous chondrocyte transplatation in Hungary (preferably in the city of Pecs), and to set up a state of the art laboratory for biotechnology, (b) to provide the basic requirements for human chondrocyte transplantation in Hungary (incl. the negotiation with the Hunagarian Department of Health), (c) to develop novel techniques in cartilage related tissue engineering on the foundation of our own research results and (d) to establish internationally recognized biotechnological research environment in Hungary able to invent and construct biotechnological products in high quality.The project commenced in 2005 and the completion is expected in 2008  



Participants of the project:

I.a Department Of Immunology and Biotechnology (U of Pecs) http://www.pte.hu

I.b Department of Ortopaedic Surgery (U of Pecs) http://www.pte.hu

II Department Of Animal Nutrition (U of Kaposvar) www.atk.u-kaposvar.hu  

I. (a) The Department of Orthopedic Surgery was founded in 1966, and functions as a teaching Institute operating on 45 beds  with 14 doctors. We perform approximately 2000 surgeries covering all aspects of orthopedics. Our major profiles are spine, pediatric, adult reconstruction and sports surgery. (For more details visit our website at www.pecsi-ortopedia.hu). 10 doctors hold PhD degree and 2 of them are DSc. At the present 4 PhD students study at the clinic and we have many storng scientific partners. Our strongest affiliation is with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Section of Molecular Medicine at Rush University in Chicago, IL. Many of our doctors have completed their PhD work at Rush University. www.pecsi-ortopedia.hu  

I (b) Department of Immunology and Biotechnology has been established in 1980, has 12 employees, of which 6 have University degree, 4 have PhD degree. Besides the regular teaching sections the Institute provides a strong PhD program for post graduate education. The department has strong relationship with  many research groups in the US, UK and Switzerland.   As to the special immunology-related research many distinct monoclonal antibodies, single chain recognizer molecules, diagnostic kits, tissue culturing and gene modified cell experiments, immunochemistry and laboratory biochemistry are the major subjects. www.immbio.hu 

II. Department Of Animal Nutrition (University of Kaposvar) operates on a 2000 m2 facility for laboratories, animal experiment halls, operating theatres, nutrition supply, offices, lecture halls. The institute has 15 employees, of which 8 researchers, and 7 hold PhD degree. Many PhD students work in cooperation with the Wageningen University (Netherlands). The major subjects of the research are fowl and porcine nutrition experiments, amino acid, mineral balance and disorders.  The laboratories measure energy, protein, fat and fiber content of waste and urine from different sections of the animal intestines. 90% of all works are in cooperation with sister institutes in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, USA, and Canada. 


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