Function and components of the cartilage tissue

 Cartilage is present in various sites of the human body. Growth plate (physys) is a special growing part and precursor of most of our bones and is composed of cartilage. Fibrocartilage, on the other hand is present in sites such as the insertion of tendons, ligaments, or even in the menisci and the outer fibrous ring of the inververtebral disc. (annulus fibrosus). Ellastic carilage is also present in many organs,  like in the trachea and it forms most of the structure of the outer ear. 

Cartilage in the diarthrodial joints is called hyaline cartilage, and it covers the joining end of long bones where sliding or rolling movement occurs or even in stiffer joints.


From the abovementioned different kinds of cartilage we discuss the hyaline cartilage in details, as it represents the most important tissue in musculoskeletal injuries, and since hyaline cartilage is the tissue that most tissue engineer is aiming to produce for a successful cartilage repair.

 The most important function of the articular cartilage is to transmit the load equally between the bones during physical activity, to serve as shock absorber and to provide gliding smooth surface of low friction.  


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